10 Differences Between PVC & Aluminium Windows and Doors


round cableHow long do PVC & aluminum windows and doors last?

Aluminum windows and doors have a longer shelf life, it lasts for about sixty years, and on the other hand, the life of PVC doors and windows is around twenty-five to thirty years. Aluminum windows and doors are durable, but so are PVC doors and windows, just that the life or rather warranty of the PVC doors is twenty-five to thirty years.

The following window brands (including specific variants) are some of the best aluminum windows regarding design, and brand perception. This is reflected in the pricing. For very high-end glazing, take a look at the range of windows from companies such as IQ glass, id systems, express bi-folding doors, and others. These specialist companies provide all manner of new and sophisticated glazing solutions. Products include windows that disappear into the floor, guillotine windows, frameless box windows, and many other very unique products indeed. Windows such as these tend to be used by architects and those customers with a big budget. However, what it does demonstrate above all is what exceptional windows are possible with aluminum compared to PVC.

The frames are made from chambered lengths of aluminum and can feature poly-amide cores and thermal breaks to create a very energy-efficient window or door. With such a relatively high structural strength, compared to uPVC or timber, aluminum frames can be made thinner and still be more than adequate for the job at hand. This means that for items like windows and patio doors, you see less frame and more glass.

Aluminum windows and doors contribute to excellent thermal and sound insulation, which meets current building regulations. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminum is comparatively higher than timber or PVC. An aluminum frame that is fabricated with high-performance aluminum can exceed energy efficiency standards and can achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows by 60%.

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Aluminum Windows & Doors

We know you or your customers will live behind PGT aluminum windows for a long time. That’s why our quality aluminum windows and doors are designed and manufactured for years of reliable performance, as well as continuously smooth, easy, and quiet operation. Additionally, our aluminum and 2.5mm round cable products include double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails to keep wind and water out, while keeping air conditioning and heating. No matter the square footage or architectural style of your home, our aluminum windows and doors are a low maintenance choice that can fit any budget.

Each vetrina high-quality aluminum windows and doors begin with a precisely engineered frame that holds the glass, weatherproofing, thermal insulation, and mechanical components. We arrange these profiles based on each project’s specific needs. To ensure the strength and consistently high quality of our faces, we use the 6063 aluminum alloy – t6 extrusion temper grade. Our state of the art metal extrusion process meets and exceeds the specifications set forth by the American aluminum association, and has been used extensively in several military applications.


When it comes to our kit-of-parts for a residential project, one of the most critical components is the aluminum window package. We use aluminum windows for a bunch of reasons: they’re incredibly functional, maintenance-free, and complement the attenuated clean lines of modern design. They’re more expensive than vinyl (thumbs-down) but much more cost-effective than wood or steel windows. Certain aluminum window packages also meet the new, stringent energy code here in Washington state. For all of these reasons, we’ve been using marlin’s 1505 series at-17 fixed, casement, and awning windows for several years now. As far as finishes go, we like the transparent anodized aluminum; the bronze anodized aluminum is also a nice look under the right circumstances.

Origin’s material of choice for all windows and doors, aluminum is lightweight yet robust, meaning that frames won’t warp, flex or corrode with differing weather conditions. Its strength and durability allow us to create virtually maintenance-free and energy-efficient structures that wouldn’t be possible with any other material. It’s also another reason why we can offer such an extended warranty.

To complement their clean profiles, the aluminum windows series come in a wide variety of form factors. The aluminum windows series are available in tilt & turn, European awnings and fixed windows, as well as lift & slide doors, folding glass doors, sliding doors, postless corner doors, french style, and entry doors. They can also be mulled into multiple units to offer a high-performance curtainwall style system for high-performance commercial buildings. Glo European windows offer expansive size options to provide maximum design flexibility, and the aluminum windows series is no different. Fixed panes up to 8′x10′ and tilt & turn units up to 5′x5′ are low on the standard production line.