Free Perfume Samples for Marketing in South Africa


Marketing firms can now sign up for a free sample of perfume selections. Most samples are currently only shipping to USA. Designed by the house of Versace, the eau de toilette spray has juicy couture fragrance notes of mandarin orange, green apple, black currant, guava, rose petals. First introduced into the market in 2013, the perfume is a favourite with many men that want to have a touch of Hollywood and class in their glamour. The fragrance blends the notes of citrus, and sweet elements to give an amazing aroma. It also carries hints of red currant, apple, guava, and mandarin. The scents are further accentuated with aquatic notes that give the perfume a light and fresh fragrance. Best for daytime wear in the summer or spring, the perfume captures the carefree spirit of Southern California.

The most expensive and classic fragrances made up of a unique combination of floral scents including jasmine, freesia, orchid, Osman thus, and African orange flower. The sweet and fresh aroma is strong enough to last throughout the day, making it one of the most popular perfumes offered in free samples.

The Best Perfume for Women

Searching for the best smelling cologne for women? if so you wouldn’t be alone. The truth is, there’s so many colognes on the market that it’s enough to make your head spin. When chosen correctly, a cologne can give off a masculine vibe that subtly grabs the attention of others. But if the wrong perfume is picked, you can unintentionally turn people off.

Some of the world’s major fashion houses were founded in Italy and it comes as no surprise that Italians are widely praised for their impeccable sense of style. This sense of style also extends to having the top perfumes for men in world, with men and women alike favouring lush, luxurious scents that capture the Italian penchant for vitality and the baroque. Some of the best Italian fragrances bear the names of leading fashion brands such as Prada, Bulgari and Gucci – all of which consistently produce best-selling scents. On the internet, there is a guide to some of the best Italian perfumes, including the popular Gucci guilty and di Parma Colonia. Whether you are looking for top Italian beauty souvenirs or looking for a new fragrance, these are the best scents to invest in.

The very brand of Versace stands out as the epitome of style, pride and vanity amongst all fashion-forward women who are simply in awe of this posh brand. Versace perfumes for women come in an array of aromas to bask the lovely ladies in alluring scents ranging from floral to citrus, fresh or even powdery each carrying along a note of elegance and sophistication. Perfumes meant for casual usage and special occasions can also be availed from under the Versace banner in attractive bottles such as the ones carrying medusa’s head symbol. Today we are going to take you through top ten Versace perfume you need to try out today.