Perfume Business Opportunities Trending for Marketing Reasons


If marketing personnel love to experiment with fragrance oils and have tried the hand at creating the perfect perfume, you should consider the idea of starting your own perfume business. It’s not capital intensive so it’s easy to set up and it can be highly lucrative if you tap into the right market in South Africa.

Learn to make oil based perfumes and get a starter kit to kick start your business. Marketers can also learn how to make their own perfumes and get a starter kit of making perfumes that consists of:empty perfume bottles, Syringes, Safety gloves, Perfume raw materials and a Perfume manual step by step.

Most of the fragrances contains 8-14% perfume oil so it will give marketing agents an intense smell that will last for long. It provides a natural blend of top notes including fruity accord, bergamot & sea tones. They offer a woody aromatic fragrance that is masculine and seductive. In a few words, the scent is crisp, sweet, spicy, creamy, sophisticated and inviting. The fragrances are bottled well in a bottle that is easy to carry around; great for men with business trips and vacations to take.

Simply put, these names are given based on the concentration of oil in alcohol and water. Based on the order written, eau fraiche is the most diluted form of fragrance, usually with only 1% – 3% perfume oil in alcohol and water. At the end of the spectrum, the best perfume for men in the world is the most concentrated and expensive of all the other options. Very slight use of a perfume can be enough to attract the attention of everyone around you as it has a scent in a very concentrated form. The names of the fragrances used in perfumes are usually based on amount of essential oils included in them. Marketing agents should select a perfume on the basis of their experience instead of its price or attractive packaging. Some tips are provided here under to help you in selecting the best perfumes for women.

Understand the concentration difference. For instance, perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne are terms used to distinguish concentrations (arranged from high to low concentration). If you want a light water-based freshening kind of perfume for every day, then eau de toilette is a good choice.