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Routine sporting occasions normally generate low scores. In Tv and National Sport, Chandler (1988) examined tv rankings for the week of September 28, 1980. The greatest ranked sporting event was “Monday Night Football,” and it was twenty-fourth general, behind hit shows like Little House on The Grassy field and The Jefferson’s.

The big rankings for sports originated from the big occasions, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and the Olympics (Chandler, 1988). Five of the top 10 perpetuity top-rated programs in America are sporting occasions. Four of those are very bowls consisting of “Super Bowl XVI,” played in 1982 between The San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals, the greatest ranked sporting occasion.

1 score, seen by almost half of the television in America, and it is fourth general (Brown & Morrison, 2000). The one high-ranked sporting occasion that is not a Super Bowl is the females’ figure skating final from the 1994 Winter Olympics. It is the 3rd most seen sporting occasion and sixth overall with a 48.

It was so widely watched due to the scenarios involving two competitors, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan (Brown & Morrison, 2000). Typically, one of the largest tv events of the year is the Super Bowl. Balancing almost eighty million viewers, the Super Bowl commands over 2 million dollars per thirty seconds of commercial time.

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The Super Bowl held February 3, 2002, was not so extreme when it came to advertising. A mix of dealing with a drooping economy and competitors from the Olympics being held the same month, eliminated from the normally biggest ad day of the year (Lowry, Khermouch & Grover, 2002).

Although there was a drop, the Fox Network still managed revenue of over one hundred million dollars. Seventeen days of direct exposure on the world’s greatest stage was too enticing for such businesses as Nike and Volkswagen (Lowry, Khermouch & Grover, 2002). In addition to the seventeen days, another essential factor for selecting the Olympics over the incredibly bowl is females audiences.

Executive Vice President of NBC Olympics, David Neal, said in Advertising Age (Goetz & Thomaselli, 2002) “figure skating is the crown jewel of any Winter Olympics. It appeals to all demographics, however particularly to women.” Method Population The populations analyzed were nationally televised live sporting occasions. Eight samples were selected: basketball, football, baseball, auto racing, soccer, hockey, tennis, and boxing.

The occasions chosen on supersport united fixtures are NBA, Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers. Aired on NBC, March 17, 2002, NASCAR, Daytona 500. Aired on NBC, February 17, 2002, Soccer, U.S.A. vs. Italy. Aired on ESPN, February 13, 2002, NHL, New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils. Aired on ABC. March 16, 2002 Tennis, Pacific Life Open.

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Aired on ESPN2, March Baseball, Game 6 2000 American League Champion Series, Seattle Mariners vs. New York City Yankees. Aired on NBC, October 2000 NFL, 2001 NFC National Championship Minnesota Vikings vs. New york city Giants. Aired on Fox, January 2001 Procedure Each of these games was enjoyed and evaluated on how they lend themselves to marketing.

Those Concerns were 1. Is the play of the video game picked up marketing? If yes, how does it impact the video game? 2. If the play is not stopped, does the broadcaster remove to industrial while the video game is still in action? If so, is it a random act, or are there tactical times when they remove for commercial? 3.